ABS (antilock brake system) – safe system in your car

absABS is intended to prevent all the wheels from blocking in the case of emergency braking or the braking icy road.

ABS consists of a main block, located mostly under the hood of the cars. The metal pipes connected the block with the brake cylinder and braking system. There are also speed sensors of every wheel and a computer, processing the information from the sensors and sending signals to the main block.

The driver will be warned about the response of ABS system with the lighting sign on the dashboard and the pushes in the brake pedal. If the sign on the dashboard burns constantly, this shows that the system is out of order because of brake or, as it often happens in the cars, one or more wheel speed sensors (removed during the replacement of pillars) are absent. If ABS system is broken, the braking system works as usual.

Honda completes the release of hybrid coupe CR-Z.

Honda crzHonda introduced in Japan “farewell” version of the hybrid coupe CR-Z, dubbed Final Label. The model, which was made in 2010, will soon be removed from the conveyor. Five special body colors and 17-inch brushed aluminum wheels, along with such elements as crv headlights will be available for the coupe.

In the cabin sport seats with the inscription Ā«Final LabelĀ» are installed on the backs. The plate with the same engraving has also appeared on the central tunnel.

Honda CR-Z is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, working together with an electric motor. In the amount units issued 130 horsepower. Transmission is six-step “mechanics” or a variator.

For five and a half years “Honda” has released approximately four million hybrids of CR-Z. In recent years, there was a sharp drop in demand for the model, which was taken from the European market in early 2014 for this reason. This coupe was left in the US, but about one thousand cars were sold there in 2015.

Checking of the operation of the diesel engine turbine.

diesel engine turbineBuying a petrol or diesel car, special attention should be paid to the turbine. It is a fairly expensive item, the state of which directly depends on the cost of the car. And if the technique was exploited not correct, it may require a very expensive repair. It is for this reason, should be given due consideration to the turbine.

The most frequently encountered turbine fault are:

  • color exhaust gas in a gray, black or blue color;
  • even in non-durable work of engine, the car starts to overheat;
  • during travel the fuel and oil consumption are increased in several times;
  • engine starts to work noisily.

Another sign of failure of the turbine is reducing of traction.
All of this may be due to the use of low-quality oils, foreign objects into the mechanism of the car. Therefore, choosing a car is worth in advance to study the principle of operation of the turbine.