2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum Review

Hello and welcome that Nissan Maxima, located on telegraph road just south the 12 mile road and sunny Southfield Michigan. We’ve been proud to serve our community for over 40 years and hope that you drop by for a test drive an oil change or just to say hello. So come by and see why you’re better off at Tamera off. Hello I’m Ryan from Tim Roth motors and today we’re going to be focusing on the all new all different 2006 Team Nissan Maxima. Wait this in a 2015 though. The maximum is a very driver orientated car. In fact it has a very cockpit like feel appear as a center console is positioned 7 degrees toward the driver. Now you compare any smartphone or device. To the maximum and in fact it behaves just like one because you can tap pinch swipe and all those other things that would normally sound Garrity if we weren’t talking about technology.

Nissan Maxima Platinum

You can also take directions from your smartphone to the center console to the drive assist display in front of you. Now everything is touched base or audio based using your voice or you can operate it through this greatly named display commander. He’s also getting his own spinoff show next year called the further adventures of the display commander. Another neat feature is that you can lock and unlock your Maxima with your computer orders. Your smartphone. And the Maxima, awesome under your driving and if and I don’t recommend this but if you’re driving while you’re tired the Nissan will detect your irregular driving and will alert you to either wake up or get off the road for some rest. It will also alert you when it needs maintenance or an oil change which you can have done right here Tamera motors in our newly renovated service department. Info about Nissan Maxima Platinum headlights read at link http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-maxima/headlights.html.

Nissan Maxima interior

The Nissan Maxima, can be your best friend or spy or snitch. See using the second that you can set certain boundaries you don’t want the car to be driven in. Boundaries and speed area and times. This is great in case you know your spouse friend neighbor child or treat the valet guy are driving yours Maximo irresponsibly. So if you do get text message at 4 AM that someone’s driving your maxim at 88 miles per hour you might wanna go check your teenager’s room. What this concludes our video on the 300 horsepower 2016 Nissan Maxima. And since 2015 I so understand how it comes from the future but if you’re watching this and 2016 it’s not really going to matter. So make sure you check back later for more videos and other cars seem tame time same time channel.

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