Review of a New 2016 Toyota Tacoma Limited

Daily then gentlemen my name is Myles Walters product advisor at having to Toyota city I wanna take you on a walk around on the 2016 all new we decide how to Tacoma let’s start off with the look of this vehicle X, a strong show the old math can look of the vehicle Isla subdisciplines it’s it’s here to give you better aero. Mix of the vehicle with this moon curvature that just. Going all the way from the hood all the way to the back of the vehicle. Which is very nice and very stunning. Let’s take a look at the headlights. The Tacoma black headlights with LED headlight. Mix with the date time and lights which is it may be. When the job in. Day or at night lookin at this girl it then this girl gorgeous.

This is the hexagonal grille and it’s going to go with the flow of the vehicle and match that chiseled body that you see here the thing to look at the wheels. These are 13 inch aluminum I would Polish wheels. On the limited model for the Toyota Tacoma very studying very attractive type wheels now at the back of the vehicle we have an integrated spoiler which is once again to help with the aerodynamics of the vehicle and it’s going to reduce the drag also standard with the Toyota Tacoma is a backup camera and a locking tailgate what is so nice about this Tilgate in that we have a dampening on there that is very easy and relate to close unlike other vehicles. Take it off the kill gave you might hear a slam with this no problem. And it’s license food. This bed that she 17 percent deeper and then in the Oklahoma I wanted something nice and different that you might have no no no. You put the year 2 by 6 is here all the way across put a sheet of plywood and how to defend the layers of the bad that you could store you tools or more more equipment if you work in or tablet anywhere over the holidays right. Another great thing about the Toyota Tacoma I and this similar to the Toyota tundra is that we have or Interlochen 3 piece bumper right so instead of one whole bumper that you see now in these rate in almost any other vehicles this is free piece.

One To think that if into law so if you’re ever in a car accident so when his 2 bumper at any we. See on the side you’ll have to replace the whole thing anymore you could just you please to one side no looking inside the limited 2016 Toyota Tacoma you’re gonna see a 2 tone leather which is very stunning yeah a nice brown genuine leather. Steering wheel control makes it easy to drive and to change that the channel on the radio to talk to Bluetooth soon of receive calls or to deny because if you don’t wanna talk dear mother in law we have or 7.1 inch touch screen in this way hopeful in the limited model we have heated seats and a wireless phone charging for your phone who think we’ll look underneath the hood of the 2016 to call mark this is all new. 3.5 Hakusan and cycle engine that is going to its new in this class and it’s going to give you superb mileage on the highway and in the city with 276 horsepower and 265 pound foot of torque you’ll be able to climb any hills and jive anywhere at any time letting his vows Walters. Prodding by then having to tie a. I’ve you please to help you any time come down to the show room and let’s take this puppy.

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